Our Philosophy

ICS approaches every project thoughtfully with an unparalleled team of experts.

Our Expertise

We have the expertise to help organizations of all sizes, from single-office CPA firms to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Value

ICS performs free preliminary analyses for all service lines while capping fees to guarantee outstanding value.

Our People

The ICS team has the combined expertise and best practices of all Big-4 accounting firms.

Our Strategy

We strongly advocate for our clients and are tenacious in identifying all potential opportunities.

Our Communication

We provide frequent updates and maintain open communication so that projects proceed efficiently and delays are minimized.

Our Deliverables

Our deliverables are complete and defensible. We also include audit protection on our projects.

Our Standards

All cost segregation projects are reviewed and signed by an in-house Certified Cost Segregation Professional.


ICS Tax, LLC (ICS) is a consulting firm providing innovative tax planning strategies. ICS collaborates with taxpayers and their tax professionals to identify credits and incentives that reduce tax liabilities and increase profitability. With its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and offices throughout the United States, ICS provides service nationwide.


ERC was extended from three years to five years. Many employers and various industries including restaurants, hospitality, travel, retail, convenience stores, and startups are eligible for a $26,000 maximum tax credit per fulltime employee. » Do you qualify?


Tax Court Case: Engineering Firm Overstated §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Property Deduction

In a recent case, Michael Johnson, et ux. v. Commissioner, the tax court denied the majority of a taxpayer’s Energy Efficient Commercial Building ...

New IRS Form 7205 for the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction

The IRS recently published Form 7205 and the corresponding Instructions for taxpayers claiming the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction. In prior tax ...

NAHB International Builders’ Show 2023 Las Vegas

The ICS team is sponsoring the NAHB International Builders' Show 2023 Las Vegas. The NAHB International Builders' Show Las Vegas is the largest ...

IRS Clarifies the Applicable ASHRAE Reference Standards for the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction

The §179D Deduction requires energy modeling whereby the building is compared to the same building constructed to the minimum requirements of a specified ...

IRS Releases Updated Practice Unit for Auditing the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction

The IRS Large Business and International Division released an updated Practice Unit for its agents to audit the 179D Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings ...

Satisfying Prevailing Wage Requirements to Maximize the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction and the §45L Energy Efficient Home Credit

IRS published Notice 2022-61 to explain how taxpayers can meet prevailing wage requirements to obtain higher credits and deductions with the §45L Energy ...