ICS welcomes Joshua and Tyler to it’s R&D Tax Credit Practice

ICS Tax, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of two talented professionals to its growing R&D Tax Credit practice.

We welcome Joshua J. Kang, J.D. from Los Angeles, California. He has over a decade of tax and legal experience, which includes extensive R&D tax credit documentation.

We also welcome Tyler S. Bonts from Knoxville, Tennessee. He is an engineer with rich experience and a deep understanding of research methodology and data analysis.

The R&D Tax Credit practice is led by Lacey J.S. Robb, JD, LLM Taxation. With over twenty years of tax and legal experience, she is an authority and recognized subject matter expert within her industry.

“The R&D Tax Credit is perhaps the most lucrative tax credit available. I’m so excited to see consistent double-digit growth, and with our new hires, our team will be more dynamic and collaborative.”

ICS looks forward to serving taxpayers and their tax professionals with the highest quality tax consulting services throughout the United States.

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The R&D Tax Credit is a federal benefit given to companies that develop, design, or improve products, processes, formulas, or software. Many processes and activities qualify for the research credit. The R&D tax credit can be claimed by any company for both current and prior tax years. Are you eligible? » Contact our R&D experts