Moffatt Products, Inc. – Watertown, South Dakota

Moffatt Products designs and manufactures a variety of gooseneck flex arm products used for positioning, holding, safety shielding, magnifying, or task lighting. ICS Tax, LLC is pleased to assist Moffatt Products, Inc. with the Research and Development Credit, a tax planning opportunity often overlooked by small to mid-sized manufacturers. The Research Credit creates a significant tax savings, which Moffatt reinvests into their company and continue to be innovators.

“ICS Tax has been terrific to work with. They help us identify R&D projects, qualify expenditures, prepare necessary support, and achieve significant tax credits year after year.  They ask the right questions that draw out the information they need, and they translate all that into data for the tax returns. We have confidence in their results.”

–Dave Moffatt, President – Moffatt Products, Inc.

At a Glance

Services Provided:

ICS Tax, LLC assisted with calculating the R&D Tax Credit as well as provided the necessary documentation to support it.