Utility Rebates

Additional Incentives for Energy Efficiency Improvements and Renewable Energy Investments


Government agencies, utilities and others offer a variety of tax credits and abatements, rebates, low-interest financing and other incentives to support energy efficiency, encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and support efforts to conserve energy and lessen pollution. The majority of rebate programs that support renewable energy are administered by states, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives; these programs commonly provide funding for solar water heating as well as solar and wind energy systems, such as photovoltaics and wind turbines. Most rebate programs that support energy efficiency are administered by utilities. Identifying available utility rebates and other incentives can be a daunting task, and completing the necessary paperwork at project completion can be equally difficult. Oftentimes, these incentives must be applied for prior to project commencement.


ICS Tax, with the combined talents its affiliate, ICS Consulting, has great experience in these areas and can help navigate and obtain these incentives.