2023 ASCSP Annual Conference

The American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) just concluded its annual conference in Washington, DC. ICS Tax, LLC sent three of its cost segregation professionals, Alex Bagne, Roel Vicerra and Luis Barreira to stay abreast of developments within this ever changing industry.

Alex Bagne, a Certified Cost Segregation Professional (CCSP) and the past ASCSP President, lead several sessions which covered the Alternative Depreciation System, updates to the 179D commercial and 45L residential energy efficiency incentives, and an Anatomy of a Cost Segregation Audit. He also reprised his role of Alex “TreBagne” and hosted Cost Segregation Jeopardy.

Attendance at this conference is critical for all professionals to stay up to date on the latest trends within the cost segregation industry. If you need assistance with cost segregation or any specialty tax planning for those who develop and invest in real estate contact us for Cost Segregation benefit estimate.