New IRS Form 7205 for the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction

The IRS recently published Form 7205 and the corresponding Instructions for taxpayers claiming the §179D Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction. In prior tax years, the §179D Deduction was listed as an Other Deduction, but the new Form 7205 allows qualified business entities and individuals use Form 7205 to:

  • Calculate and claim the deduction under section 179D for qualifying energy efficient commercial building property placed in service during the tax year.
  • Identify yourself as a designer or the building owner.
  • Provide information on the person performing the certification.
  • Provide information on the person completing the allocation.

The §179D Deduction provides a tax incentive to encourage energy efficient construction. It applies to both newly constructed and renovated buildings targeting energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems as well as the building envelope. The §179D Deduction is available to commercial building owners as well as engineers, architects, and other designers of buildings owned by government agencies and other tax-exempt entities.

Can You Qualify for §179D Deduction?
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